Welcome to my website!

I’m Azahara Herrero, a Spanish illustrator specialized in traditional techniques. 

Since I started to go to art classes when I was 7 years old, drawing and painting has been always my passion.  As far as my memory goes back, I always remember myself sketching and painting every time, and trying to create other worlds and fantasy beings was my all time favorite thing to do.

As I was growing up, I develop another passion for history and archaeology. After finishing the History degree and the Editorial Illustration degree in Spain, I started to combine both passions together illustrating several historical books and collaborating with several Spanish historical organizations as an historical illustrator.

During this journey, I also was able to participate on short films making storyboards, designing characters as a concept artist, and managing different departments inside of a science fiction short film as a creative director and producer.

I also enjoy painting mural art on the walls with acrylics. You can take a look on my portfolio to my master piece that it’s located in Austria! Among other wall decorations that I made in Spain.

On my portfolio you will find some of my illustrations, sketches, character designs and mural art using techniques such as watercolors, color pencils, acrylics, etc. Lately what I  have been enjoying the most is working with mixed media, combining several traditional techniques at the same time and sometimes doing the final retouches with digital technique.

If you like my artwork and you want to keep  it with you, do not hesitate to visit my online store where you will find products such as prints, bookmarks, stickers, notebooks, mugs, etc.

Want to work together? Send me an email to and we can talk about what you would like to create together! 

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